Writing competition Sarah Kingsford co judge of the junior entries enlarged - Sarah Broadhurst

Sarah Broadhurst – Short biography

Judge for the children/under 16 year olds

Sarah Kingsford nee Broadhurst has spent her entire working life in the book industry, in retail, wholesale and journalism. She has written for various magazines and newspapers, including an on-line book review site (Lovereading) which has a children’s arm, Lovereading4kids.co.uk. Sarah made her reputation as the selector of paperbacks for the trade magazine The Bookseller. She has two daughters; Katherine, who is going to accompany her as a judge; and Julia, who is a literary agent. Under her married name of Kingsford, Sarah is very active within the Roadwater Players group and will be enthusiastically involved in this year’s pantomime, which is hoping (restrictions permitting) to be staged in the Roadwater Village Hall in early December.